Models needed to re-create zodic enamel pins!

After making my Gemini (gem in eye) pin last year, I am launching a new zodiac line of hard enamel pins. 

I have four of them currently in production, but will be making all of the zodiac signs over the course of the year. 
How I can use your help... What I will need is models to recreate or cosplay the enamel pins.  When I say models, you in no way have to be a professional, in fact, I'd almost prefer if you were not. Although I am a professional artist, photography is not my most practiced media. Haha

Gemini (gem in eye) alternative model: Deanna Wardin blue hairGemini (gem in eye) enamel pin
(I decided to model the Gemini pin, as you can see above... I want to do something similar for all of the zodiac signs!)

Anyway I am looking for creative folks of every kind who can meet me in Alameda, CA over the course of 2019... I'm looking for people all shapes, sizes, skin tones and genders. The only requirement is that you are over 18, as I don't want to have deal with any potential legalities of photographing minors.
I will be trying to match people who look somewhat like the drawings of my enamel pins, some of which have already been created, so I apologize in advance if I don't think you would be the right fit for this particular project, but I will happily keep you in mind for other photoshoots or projects!
This will be unpaid as enamel pins are low cost items, and my new business is just learning to stand on it's own two feet, but I will provide props, makeup, wigs... whatever is needed for the actual shoot (you unfortunately will not get to keep those things) But you will get the final image to use for yourself, and some merchandise as a thank you!

Please e-mail me at Subject Line:  PIN MODEL Please include your Name, a snapshot or two of what you look like, and your zodiac sign... (Matching the zodiac sign to the pin isn't a requirement, but would be extra cool if it worked out!)

Alright... now I'm off to Colorado  to partner up with Mirelle of ID Fabrications, to do the first few alternative photo shoots as well as to talk about other possible collaborations for new products!  I can't wait!
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